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Unless patients are monitored for potential increases in blood pressure, zyvox should not be administered to patients with uncontrolled hypertension, pheochromocytoma, thyrotoxicosis and or patients taking any of the following types of medications directly and indirectly acting sympathomimetic agents, vasopressive agents e.

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Zyvox is indicated in adults for the treatment of community acquired pneumonia and nosocomial pneumonia when known or suspected to be caused by susceptible Gram positive bacteriaIn determining whether Zyvox is an appropriate treatmentthe results of microbiological tests or information on the prevalence of resistance to antibacterial agents among Gram positive bacteria should be taken into considerationsee section 5.1 for the appropriate organisms

Do not use linezolid if you have used an MAO inhibitor such as furazolidoneFuroxoneisocarboxazidMarplanphenelzineNardilrasagilineAzilectselegilineEldeprylEmsamZelaparor tranylcypromineParnatein the last 14 daysA dangerous drug interaction could occurleading to serious side effects.

Bullous disorders such as those described as Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysisangioedemaalopecia.

Low blood cell countsfeverchillstirednessweaknessconfusionmouth soresskin soreseasy bruisingunusual bleedingpale skincold hands and feetfeeling light-headed or short of breath.

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